Racing Classes

​​We also have a few extra, smaller groups with RCRNV including:

  • Crawling Offroading in tough places
  • Drifting 1/10 scale sideways action(Message me, Deacon Greenfield, with drift club questions)


We are a friendly racing club. We meet every Sunday in the back parking lot of *Osbourne High School at 10:30AM. The Radio Controlled Racers of Northern Virginia has a variety of Electric On road racing classes, including USGT, Truck, F1, and more(full list under classes)! We have 3 points seasons where we race for top 3 in each class! New comers are always welcome!

*NOT Osbourne PARK High School, Osbourne High School

Please mind the voice acting in this video...

  • USGT: 1/10 scale 21.5T Blinky Weight: 1380g
  • Fiesta:
  • 1/8 GT: 1/8 scale Open
  • F1: 1/10 scale 21.5T
  • 1/8 Pan car: 1/8 Pan chassis
  • Truck: 1/10 scale truck open
  • Euro Truck:
  • VTA:1/10 scale 25.5T Weight: 1550g
  • Mod Touring: 1/10 scale Open